Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Which way are YOU looking?

Everywhere we seem to look these days, there is damage, corruption or hopelessness.  EVERYWHERE we look?  Or is it only what the media is focused on?  Hmm.  I know another Place to look, and it is rife with hope!  THE WORD OF GOD!

O praise the Lord, ye people!  Ye that,
to Him, so belong!
While all the world is clamorous noise,
in YOU He puts a song!
He will not let the 'chatter' drown
the music you contain;
and, in the tumult, He is right there,
taking on your pain!

Praise the Lord, O Israel!
Praise your God, o Zion!
Amidst the beasts a-running wild,
He is The Mighty Lion!!
Naught shall bring Him to His knees,
nor attack from any side!
See to it that Your heart and trust,
in Him alone, abide!!

Yes, praise the Lord, ye fading world!
Only His belongings are
to prosper...not just 'cope!'
He said the days that are would be,
but He did not stop there!
LOOK UP!  LOOK UP!  A Perfect Place
is coming from somewhere!!

Yes, praise the Lord, ye people, and
let not your praises end!
Regardless how the 'present' looks,
your future is with The Friend!!

Cling to that hope, my friend!  God's Word says it!  BELIEVE IT!  For victory is already settled for all of them that call Jesus "Savior!"  Any day now...


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