Friday, January 29, 2021


Ahhh...right here is the perfect place!  I find a seat on the rocks and watch the evening performance of the ebbing tide...

When verses would allude
and words would seem to hide,
vocabulary, as we know
would, nowhere near, abide,
communication yet takes place
between the most devout;
such is right now in stellar sights
as Friday light fades out.
It does so on the coastline
as waves so gently crash.
Ocean swells are minimal
and, with rocks, barely clash;
breezes barely whisper
as stars would reappear,
and conversation happens with
few words with Jesus near.

He visits me in His creation
every time I come.
He never scolds me for the day,
(though I be bothersome!)
Laughter, oohs and aahs prevail
as we behold the night;
even entertainment happens
in life's fading light!

Never miss such opportune
at any time of day!
Spend as much as you can with 
The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He KNOWS already what you've been through,
(for He was there with you;)
just savor quiet time enjoying
scents and sounds and view!

The glory of His creation...the quiet peace that is as day is over...and the Presence of The One Who created it all!  What a wonderful time of restoration from the busyness of business!

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