Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Unexpected Blessings!

Day is done...again.  Taking care of a steady stream of guests for hours, now to recover.  I know exactly where to go!  I pick up the kids, the grandkids and we go

Seven miles outside of town,
down the mountainside;
the river--it is rushing fast,
but, here will we abide.
Creator God created this
to fascinate and calm;
carving its route through the landscape
with His very palm!

And while I gaze upon it as
it's hurrying along,
it almost lulls me with it's rhythm,
like a familiar song.
Almost...until an eagle glides
above the current low!
Its majesty awakens me
like nothing else I know!
And then another, right behind,
with head and tail so white!
How fortunate and blessed am I
to witness such a flight!
I follow them until they perch
upon the jagged hill
just there across the rushing river--
what an awesome thrill!!

So very wealthy such as we
as He reveals His touch
in the eagles...in the water...
in the landscape much!
And praises sound out from the depths
to Mighty God Creator--
making awe to happen--there be
not another greater!!

At the river with the kids on their last day here...and miracles happen!  One of the most inexpensive events we could ever do...turns out to be one of the most valuable!  GOD IS SO AMAZING!


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