Friday, January 15, 2021

This Day's Requirements

Life again to challenge.  Do you have any idea how to respond?  Of a truth, complexities are present right now that NONE of us have had practice dealing with.  BUT GOD is present also, and He knows exactly the what, when and how of all that is!  Can one have peace and joy in the days that are?

There is a great complexity:

joy within the storm!
While the vast majority,
to panic, may conform,
there's yet a joy, a perfect peace
that overshadows all,
it's found inside believing in
The God of wherewithal!

Knowing He is knowing causes
peace availed nowhere;
and joy unspeakable is a
by-product of His care!
Though issues and situations seem 
to grow and grow and grow,
much greater is what GOD established--
THIS we surely know!!

All of such is on my mind
as I behold the day:
the glory and the majesty
so clearly on display
in the meadows...valleys...mountains...
even folks upon the way;
on THIS focus, and so keep
anxieties at bay!

The wonders that God avails.  There is no shortage of them, nor is there a limit to His great care for us!  If you are in need of Him, just call His Name!  He is right there with whatever the heart requires, and He sees the end from the beginning!!

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