Saturday, January 30, 2021

The Greater Vision

With eyes wide open, I go about the day accomplishing that which is appointed.  All the while, I clearly see with the heart's eyes all that could be...

I see the glory of His great creation,
the spectacle and wonder of the same!
I thank Him for it all in conversation
as I pray to Him in Jesus' Name!
So similar be His glory in all people--
regardless of their color, creed or race!
He ties us all together in relation
with the crimson thread of Jesus' grace!

"I Have a Dream..." not just a 'bygone speaking,'
it is a living hope, so hearty still!
And that very hope may be accomplished
if ALL but set aside that selfish will!
'For this man is no better than another...'
if only we could grasp that and so live!
Imagine all the 'good' we could accomplish...
imagine all the lives that would yet live!

Yes, as I stand and view the glory of creation,
I see the same as I behold The Mass--
men and women, young and old, all colors...
the heart, it shall not recognize a 'class!'
'I HAVE A DREAM...' those words are yet still living,
kept alive by hearts believing so!
And them that may take argument against it,
the same refuse to scale the next plateau!

BE NOT AFRAID TO DREAM!  For there IS a place where said dream is a reality, and Paradise is waiting there for The Best!


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