Friday, January 8, 2021

That Which Be Certain!

Again, I find myself grasping for that which I KNOW is certain: God's Word!  For the words of the world be so confused and divisive of late, BUT I know where to go...

"Your Word, oh Lord, is nourishment
to each and every part!
I hide it in the vaults of life
and it shall not depart!
I draw from it but all the day
and life is meted out;
Your Word, He gives me what I need
and NEVER fosters doubt!
And every time I part the pages
there is life anew;
there be a word afresh,
a revelation or a view
that's instrumental for this man
somewhere inside the day;
with Your Word, Your Living Word,
there always is a way!

How can a text so 'ancient' be
so pertinent, so alive?!
Because of Him Who dwells therein,
but always we arrive!
Them that would denounce it, they
continue--'round and 'round...
but a Straight and Narrow, 
ever-forward, have I found!!
'Tis due to Holy Spirit Who
has given me His eyes
to see the way and lead the way,
I truly realize!"

While 'wise men' argue and debate, You humble and bless with 'Yea and amen!'  O that such Word be alive in every heart that we may progress together!!

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