Sunday, January 24, 2021

That Massive Heart!

God has that massive heart that can contain every living soul that ever is.  Problem is, a lot of those hearts don't know Him yet, and still others just don't want Him!  Don't be one of them please!

Almighty God, untouchable,
so holy and so high--
The very same communes with us
so many wonder "Why?"
So simple be the answer, yet
so complex unto most;
the love, the massive heart of God,
in naught else may we boast!

Almighty God--far greater than
intelligence may grasp!
Upon His awe and spectacle--
oh what be there to grasp?!
It be His grace, alone, that He'd
desire and create
a people to commune with Him-
emotion consummate!

Almighty God, Most Holy God,
available to all!
He is our Everything, oh yes,
He is our wherewithal!
None be greater, none be more,
more loving, kind and just!
He welcomes all, enjoying all;
and fosters greatest trust!

I've been hurt.  You've been hurt.  We've all been hurt at some point or another in a relationship.  But a relationship with Loving God will not hurt because He is perfect, and He WANTS a relationship with you!  Call on Him today, won't you?

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