Monday, January 25, 2021

That Constant Need

The 'same old, same old' has not been for some time now.  No, many of us have had to adapt in ways that we could never have imagined!  That said, there is STILL a basic, desperate need that we have for one another...

The ways we are accustomed to--

disrupted as for now.
Will that affect your spirit or
your attitude somehow?
Life is shaken up a bit,
uncomfortable and mean;
that does not have to mean that such,
come out of us is seen!
No!  This is 'opportunity'
for Christ, through us, to shine!
He vowed that times like this would be
in His Word, so divine!
And while 'divine' be not how we
describe the days that are,
it's opportune for HIS love and
HIS ways to go so far!!

We may not like the 'politics...,'
we may not like the 'health...,'
we may not like the 'status quo,'
but we can gain great wealth
by being who He called us to
through Christ the Lord--His Seal!
How WE react to days that are
will, oh, so much, reveal!

People are angry.  Listen.  Don't incite.
People are hurting.  Minister as best you can.
People are dying.  Reach out...embrace...console.
Sure, we must do it all 'safely,' but NEVER stop communicating--regardless what 'religion' says...regardless what 'party' says...regardless what __________, as none of that matters in Heaven's eyes.  And, like it or not, we NEED one another, and HE has final say!

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