Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Sanctuary

A winter Sunday morning.  Such to find His faithful in a number of different places and situations.  That does NOT change Who God is, nor does it affect His love for us each...

In the glory, before I even
think about 'the list,'
I go to God and witness all
the wonders that exist!
This morning has the rising sun
illuminating ice
clinging to the branches, eaves,
and each outside device!

And the glory--shining through
the elements that are.
Sunday, brilliant Sunday, shining
oh so very far,
illuminating hills and trees
and wildlife that be!
Sunday glory--God's great gift
to faithful such as we!

At times, we cannot 'congregate'
as 'tradition' calls,
but we can find sweet sanctuary
far beyond 'four walls!
And the glory of His Presence
meets us where we are--
be it on the backyard deck
or destination far!

Faithful, yes, so faithful is The Lord to meet with us wherever we gather, or wherever we may find ourselves unable to gather.  Wherever you can find 'sanctuary,' God is more than willing to meet us there, receive our gifts and answer our prayers! 


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