Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sight so living!

The view alive.  He provides it anew all the day long as we go about accomplishing that which we are assigned.  It varies for each one of us, and here is the one I have right now...

Festivity belongs to me
way down, down in my heart!
He places joy so deep within
that it cannot depart!
Joy in the much finer things
that very few can buy...
joy in the most little things
that many just pass by
like the appreciation of
the sight before my eyes:
the deer upon the meadow
underneath the clear, blue skies.
I'll capture verse before I aim
and take the perfect shot
and, later, have the photo that
so very few have got!
And such sight to be festivity
to my eyes and my friends.
I'll share it from the office when
my time down there begins.
But right now, it is shared with me
as We spend time together.
Festivity to surely be,
regardless of the weather!

Yes, get done what you must, but don't forget to take note of the wonders that God, Himself, places all about you each day!


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