Thursday, January 7, 2021


Refocus.  Something we find ourselves needing to do more and more, as this world shows no sings of slowing down!  Nor do the issues that pend show any sign of letting up.

The issues and the obstacles,
the pressures of the day...
concerns that grip the world around
are all along the way!
We watch or read the daily news
and it sounds worse and worse;
one would assume that we are plagued
with an endless curse!

BUT GOD--His Word is is certainty,
and it will NEVER fail!
Hope would He so guarantee,
and peace does He avail!
Yes, issues and situations grip
this world in every way,
but He still holds it in His hands,
and He contains the day!

Regardless of the issues,
viruses or politics,
His will, it is above it all,
and His vow, it yet sticks!
Press on as best you can with all
that He provides for you
KNOWING He's already seen 
the day we'll all go through!

Refocus.  And do so with the assurances that are found in His Word, and the direction He speaks into your spirit.  Yes, He still speaks directly to all who will listen!  Do not, however, merely listen.  OBEY that precious leading availed from no other Source!


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