Saturday, January 2, 2021

PROMISE! many of us be ridiculed for doing such, but it is a PROMISE to which we cling--we who have JESUS dwelling inside of us!

Above the 'everything' that is,
beyond the 'every day,'
another world is just as busy,
minus constant fray!
It hasn't got an ending,
and it has always been;
it's been described as 'Paradise'
by great, inspired men!
Happenings go on there that
have been before time was known...
angels on duty constantly,
created all His Own;
things that we don't comprehend
and cannot understand,
they all go on so perfectly
at His supreme command!

God, so very infinite,
intelligent and true,
He makes that which we've yet to know,
(yet yearn so deep to do,)
to happen there without event,
before and after time!
HEAVEN--perfect constancy,
and constant paradigm!!

Through His Word, through His servants' sermons, through glorious songs, even through personal revelation God makes manifest the glory of that Eternity that He has waiting for His Own!  Will YOU be enjoying it with me?  I certainly pray you will!  KNOW JESUS!!


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