Saturday, January 30, 2021

News of HOPE!

The news these days.  It doesn't do much to ensure a future and a 'hope.'  Oh, but there is other news, the 'Good News,' and in Him is established what is necessary to press on through the days and times that are!

As long as dreams are kept alive
there is a case for "hope!"
As long as 'hope' has got a chance
but each of us can cope!
As long as there are trials each day,
that 'hope' will oversee;
that 'hope,' His Name is Jesus Christ,
alive to such as we!!

Regardless of the issues that
arise with each new day,
we are assured safe passage from
The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He knew before it was 'The news,'
and He sees far beyond,
and He secures the ones of whom
He is so very fond!

Have YOU Hope's blest security
with every step you take?
You can if, Savior of your soul,
this Jesus Christ, you make!
He is available to all
and any that will come!
Do so and security
and peace will be your sum!
For in Him, your dreams, they are secure
regardless of the 'trial;'
bright and eternal be your future
when you reconcile!

Yes, Jesus Christ.  The Good News.  The ONLY 'thing' that this world cannot affect!  Know Him as your Savior and be enabled and blessed to be able to press on, regardless what the world does...or what the 'news' says!


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