Tuesday, January 26, 2021

New EVERY Morning!

The holidays have come and gone.  Now, we live in the 'same old, same old...'  Or do we?  We don't have to, you know?  For God's mercies are ew every morning, and that which He provides is far greater than any gift can be!

In worlds that are perfect and
everybody gets along,
there is time enough for everything,
and everyone has a song!
There is no stress or 'deadlines' in
that place where all goes right;
there is time enough for everyone--
no argument or fight.

But THAT is not here yet, and we
must do the best we can.
The 'planning' and 'arranging' that
are common unto man,
they yet go on but constantly,
and we must stay alert;
and there are things that, emotionally
and physically, so hurt!
But even in this 'lesser' place
God says "I understand,"
and He grants peace and healing for
all things--planned and unplanned!
We must stand firm on that Perfect Peace
and stay inside His Word,
because, until that Trumpet blast,
all stress will be occurred!"
And those belonging to The Son,
we have tools to help us cope
and a precious gift none other have,
and that gift is called "Hope."
The holidays already were,
and brought their brand of 'pain,'
but KEEP the Joy they are designed for--
it will be to your gain!

So many of us look forward to the holidays every year!  For many others, however, they have become a source of pain and stress.  God NEVER designed them for such!  This world has made them that way.  Certain people have made them that way.  But we can break that cycle and savor the TRUE Joy that they are...even now!


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