Sunday, January 17, 2021

In this day and age...

Here we are in the midst of a 'pandemic.'  Hopefully, this is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience!  We turn on the news or open the paper each day only to hear them focusing on how bad it is.  And it IS bad!  Folks without jobs...cuts in hours...lack of income...drop in business.
However, being where I am with the position I hold, I get to see things on a daily basis that you will NEVER see on the nightly news!!  Being a cashier, I have seen more random acts of kindness since this pandemic started than I have in my over 40 years of customer service combined!  Here are some of the beautiful things I see on a DAILY basis:

"Ma'am, you had the the kids' meals with chocolate milk, right?"  "Yea Buzz."  "That's $8.16, please."  "Buzz, here's $40.  Pay for as many cars behind me as you can!"

"Sir, you had the Big Mac no onions with your order, right?  That will be $14.25 please."  "Here's $20 Buzz.  Put the change in your pocket!"

"How are you today?  You have the 4 large drinks, right?"  "Yes, Buzz.  Here is the money for my order.  And you see that blue car back there?  How much is theirs?"  "It's $13.25."  "Here is $25 for their order, and tell the lady to spend the rest of the money on her kids for me please."

And so it goes.  Day after day.  It's so wonderful that God allows me to be a part of this, and it NEVER gets old!  It's almost always 'anonymous,' and God is glorified each time it happens! 
So the next time life's complexities have you down, (or you are watching the nightly news!) don't forget that there are wonderful things happening in this world that no one will probably ever hear about...and that's the way these folks want it!

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