Thursday, January 28, 2021


"A time for healing."  Father God, so let it be as we press on through the next phase in the history of this great nation!  For it is only through YOUR GRACE that we are made 'great!'

For how do we make pure frustration
positive in note?
For many disappointments come
from things that be now rote!
That which we enjoyed last year
raises ire now in another?
Should I ignore the situation,
or should I actually bother?

Peace that passes understanding
dwells inside the best.
But, on occasion, simple things--
they put one to the test!
Namely, those so close to us
at work or in the house,
and those frustrating be close friends,
or even be a spouse!

So, how DO we handle happenings
that easily frustrate?
Those 'little things' we've enjoyed for years
yet now seem oh so great?!
We hand them off to Jesus, and
continue we to love,
as all of life contains such 'things,'
(and there be plenty of!) can we turn frustration into
things that make us grow?
Have a 'heart-to-heart' with God--
all answers does He know!!

More and more these days, it seems that folks are getting irritated, or downright mean and nasty about what used to be 'the everyday.'  But why?  Such does not have to be!  Is this a product of 'an administration,' or merely fulfilment of end-times prophecy?

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