Friday, January 1, 2021

Closer and closer!

A brand new day...a brand new year...a brand new start!  For most, however, it's the 'same old...same old...'  However you look at it, we are one day closer to Jesus' return!  "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!!"

Starting over, starting fresh
on January One.
What better way than to cry out
"Oh God, Your will be done!!
Direct our steps, direct our ways,
direct each thought and word
so that all glory goes to You
and victory is occurred!"

Yea, no better way to bring in the new
than with Him Who's new each day!
He is The Truth, He is The Life,
He is the only way!
And He's the ONLY way that we'll survive
another year of life,
as He is aware of what will be:
the joys, the trials, the strife!

HAPPY NEW YEAR it shall be
as we submit to God!
He will direct our every step,
wherever we must trod!
O glorify Him, all ye people!
He is worthy of
our every moment as we live
in mercy, grace and love!

Commit this year to live according to His lead, and be amazed at how prosperous, victorious and serene your days will be...all while listening for that Trumpet Blast!

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