Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Before the Rush

Ahhh...morning.  Rise and yawn, stretch and ENJOY...before the rush of 2021 has an opportunity to set in for the day...

First light, out the window
the trees wave back to God;
as He lights up the morning peaks
those dancing trees applaud!
The birds, the birds sing out to Him
and gather merchandise;
and even ocean currents swell
as He makes day so nice!

Already has He set in motion
all this day will be.
Eternal--this entire day,
already did He see!!
Yet He joins us each as we discover
what has never been;
for it's a brand new wonder for us,
being mortal men!
For settled, in HIS view, the issues
that have yet to be...
and supplied is everything
required by such as we!
We only must receive it as
we go about this day
that we see for the first time in
such glorious display!

Provider God providing
as He has always done...
Almighty God residing
in Jesus Christ, The Son...
And Jesus watching with us in
the early, in the cold...
God--so living in the very
subtle and the bold!!

Just pay attention.  Slow down, take a breath, look around and listen...God Most High can be seen and heard by them that take time to do so.
Are YOU one of them that has time?


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