Wednesday, January 6, 2021


If you were anywhere near a television today, in a mere matter of hours, we behold what some of us never thought we would see here in America!

In One Alone resides our hope,
revealed again today.
It's not in man or policy,
so clearly on display!
The worst of us to come to light
and broadcast everywhere...
but, even in the anarchy,
the hope of God is there!

The enemy to rear his head,
but HOPE would yet remain!
For sure, this day, to history,
may be an ugly stain,
but '...nothing new beneath the sun,,,'
far louder to resound;
and, in THAT Word, security 
and order yet be found!
And He is greater than a 'country,'
its amendments or its laws;
in Him, alone, perfection is--
He has not ANY flaws!
Look to Him always, especially
when hope seems not at all.
Hope--His Name is Jesus Christ,
and He answers EVERY call!

America, we need The lord,
no matter how you feel!
Call out to Him!  His reality
God surely will reveal!

Jesus Christ.  The ONLY Hope for America...AND THE WORLD!  Call out to Him while there is yet time!  For surely, the day is at hand when the Trumpet will sound and we will no longer have such opportunity!


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