Monday, January 18, 2021

Absolute Trust

There are things that happen every day that are beyond our ability to fathom.  These events were ordered before any of us were, and Him Who did so knows what is best for us.
Can YOU trust Him that much?

Where men cannot imagine
occurrences are set.
Events are put into motion for
the time that is not yet!
Even that which happens NOW,
He has seen it all unfold;
and His Own are yet encouraged to
be faithful and be bold!

In spite of what we see, the One
controlling has great ruth!
His love for us has not a peer,
and ALL He speaks in truth!
That which IS may hurt to a
degree that has no word,
but He is aware, He's seen what was
and what will be occurred!

Where man cannot imagine,
oh put your faith, your all!
Him Who Is will honor such
when hearing your heart-call,
all the while accomplishing
that far beyond our grasp!
Make sure your heart and soul are in
His firm, eternal grasp!

Trust.  It all comes down to trusting in THE God of all that ever is.  His order is perfect, and when we arrive before Him it will all become clear to us then!  KEEP TRUSTING!


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