Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Priceless Time

Another successful day...and I am beat!  Business was brisk...tasks were undertaken and accomplished...and I have a time set aside for the Lord and I alone, so He walks with me...

Walking slowly through the trees

now glistening with ice.
The sun to set the same aglow--
a sight without a price!
I MUST take such a time as this
before 'time' has its way;
for I KNOW that such will happen as,
too busy, be the day!
BUT GOD, He makes this time and place
to visit and commune,
as He KNOWS that the days that are
be fast...and gone too soon!
But time with Him, and Him alone,
is perfect preparation,
and, ANYTIME, such time as this
is prefect reparation

Whenever is this time with Him
as you go through your day,
there is ALWAYS something new and fresh
to keep us on The Way!
O take ye not for granted such,
it has too high a worth!
Time with God--the One Who knew you
even before your birth!

Yes, this special time is sure-fire preparation for the day...but the sun just went down, and it is just as valuable right now!  Walking with God, talking about the day, and listening to His response.  There be no greater rejuvenation!

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