Tuesday, February 23, 2021

With Friends

The older we get, the more 'advanced' we become?  Hmmm...that's what some people think.  But what has that 'advancing' done to our personal lives?

The blessings of technology--
the comfort and the curse!
It's brought much of us closer, but
'communication's' gotten worse!
We depend upon these luxuries
so very, very much;
but say, has that 'dependence'
so eliminated 'touch?'

Technology--a blessing, sure,
but not a 'substitute'
for 'visits' and 'conversing,'
they both be absolute!
And very necessary
as 'social' all are we!
NOTHING can replace the 'times'
that 'happen' as we be!

We were made for God and each other,
'things' were made for 'use.'
Substituting one for another?
We are without excuse!
Make an effort to fellowship
each one with another;
only THEN to fortify
being 'sister' and 'brother!'

Yes, all of these tech toys and gadgets that have so filled our lives have certainly helped us stay in touch with one another, but NOTHING out there can replace that one-on-one fellowship that He designed us for!  Don't miss out on the blessing of being in the presence of a friend!


Monday, February 22, 2021


So would be the cry of the world to any and all that are in it!  No matter how fast you go, it never seems like enough to some!  However, if you belong to The Lord, He can escort you through the duties of the day in such a way that won't be as 'desperate' as the world wants it!

So very much is going on--
to do...to see...to be...
so much competes for the attention
and time of such as we!
I do not have to give that list,
we hear of it each day!
But one single thing to supersede
ALL things along the way:
Time and attention to our Lord--
His Presence and His voice!
Time with His Holiness, for it
is time most very choice!
Looking deep into His eyes
and feeling His strong hands
so generates assurance that
'He loves and understands!'
The eyes of Jesus Christ my Lord
express so very much...
His words--they are life-changing, and
so perfect be His touch!
He knows so very much about me,
in fact, EVEYTHING!
He knows all things that I must do
and He knows what to bring!

Yes, so very much is going on
inside YOUR life, as well!
He has ALL things that you require,
but He will not compel.
For you must call upon His Name
and He will be right there
constantly--all situations--
even anywhere!

Jesus Christ the Lord.  Knower of all things...giver of all that is good...and the ONLY One to help us through the times and days that are!  Know Him as your Savior today, won't you?

Sunday, February 21, 2021


Called in to the wilderness?  Asked to abstain from something for a time?  Being deprived of something you love for a time?  There are many ways to look at this time.  Some observe it.  Others ignore it.  But good things come from it!

In seasons all our duties are

because of all You've done.
Lord, You've ordained this season now
the one and only one.
Each of us has duties, works
that we're accustomed to,
but we are not called to 'comfort'
or that which we're used to!
It is a season annually
for us to be 'without.'
A season of restraint it is,
and for the most devout;
the easy way is to press on
'...the way we've always done,'
the sovereign way is challenging,
and may be less than 'fun!'

But God is ALWAYS present in
the desert, in the new.
He's The director and assistant
in all that we do!
We do so as our 'everyday'
is challenged for a time
in dedication to our God--
His every way sublime!

The season of Lent.  A time to do without.  Not everyone adheres to it.  Some say Jesus did away with it.  But it does have its benefits.  Seek the Lord Your God to see if there is something specific that He desires of you during this time.

Friday, February 19, 2021


In the days that are, 'Church' has become different things than we are accustomed to.  So are the times that be.  But let those times not hinder that precious fellowship that Jesus wants to have with you!

His House--the loving House of God--
that living tributary!
For oh so many in this life
it be great sanctuary!
For the very fortunate,
a refuge from the week;
a healing Place, a strengthening,
a shelter for the weak!
And, for the 'grounded' that are His,
it's all of the above!
Where we oft return to fete
the ONLY King of Love!
We give to Him, we learn from Him,
we praise His mighty Name!
We fellowship one with another
as, His grace, we claim!

How sacred is the House of God
each time we enter in!
To feel the Holy Spirit there--
what great way to begin!
To open up The Living Word
and hear His servant preach!
The very best of each of us
the Father would beseech!

More than a 'filling station...'
more than a 'revelation...'
far more than 'conversation...'
it's a NECESSARY relation!!

Yes, the House of God.  Most of the time, it is a 'building' somewhere that we drive to.  Of late, that sacred Sunday Sanctuary has had to be right here in our living room!  BUT GOD IS IN ATTENDANCE, and He meets us wherever we are just to be with us!  'Behold, what manner of love The Father has given unto us!!'


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Daily Break

Finally, a moment from the day to relax, breathe and look around.  And, oh, is there plenty to look around at...

The brilliance of the sun upon
the freshly-fallen snow.
Three more inches overnight
are wondrously aglow!
It glistens on the branches, roofs
and everywhere you see,
and so stirs up the well of words
so deep inside of me!
Everywhere you look it's white
with glorious radiance!
Even the blue above displays
much hue and gradients
enjoyed so briefly at a time,
due the extremities,
as, oh so very low to be
the air-temp in degrees!

Savor so the glory of
the 'winter at its worst.'
Even though the frigid white,
by many, be so cursed,
it's part of 'life so beautiful'
provided by His hand.
Amazing--the variety
He makes across the land!

It's NEVER 'same old, same old, day in and day out' when you look at life and realize that each day is a gift from God!  Yes, some of this weather is dangerous and deadly, but it would be dreadfully boring in this place if every day were the same!  Be grateful for LIFE!


Wednesday, February 17, 2021


It's 8 p.m.  After a BRUTAL winter day, the snow seems to have let up.  Today was warmer.  We actually got into double-digits!  As I think back on today, I am amazed at how the land is actually 'glowing' at this hour!  Hmmm.....

Beholding God Most High
across the open sky;
the glow of all the clouds,
His Majesty, not shrouds!
The vision is so vast,
said gauge cannot be cast!
But adoration rises
to Him Who makes surprises!
And, seeing, such, inspires
the vision to go higher.
For God Most High be there,
(as He is everywhere!)
overseeing all--
just listen to Him call!

His words, alive in sight
to generate delight
in them that would behold...
His touch--it's never old!

The glory of the night,
so evident to sight!
Ye people, take it in,
for it may never be again!

Looking out the window.  Expecting to see only a few lights.  Seeing, instead, a yellowish-glow to all the land!  Once again, Creator God creating sights that man cannot reproduce!  He is so good to us!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Yes, He did it again!!

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic.  Here we are in low temperatures that are shattering records.  Here we are, struggling to make ends meet.  And here we are, watching God move in ways like never before!  Have YOU seen Him?

Though situations challenge, Lord,
one thing is sure: YOU ARE!!
Events be happening we thought
would ALWAYS be afar!
That which Your Word assured us would be
in the final days
is happening before our eyes
in oh so many ways!
BUT GOD, we're also witnessing
a move like nothing ever!
Folks are reaching past what
generations tried to sever!
In boldness, men are giving to
those whom our fathers spurned;
'scourges' being slowly broken...
have we finally learned?!

So many miracles occurring
without being 'seen...'
people talking...people feeding...
oh God, what does it mean?
The media shows very little
of the 'good' that's done;
it's happening, though, to the glory
of Your Perfect Son!
O let me be part of it, Lord,
lead me in what to do.
I will make sure the glory and
the praise goes unto You!
Use more and more of each of us
as we now yield our all
unto the use of Holy Ghost
and that most sacred Call!

It's below zero.  There is a man driving around the city to the corner food stands.  He buys all their product so that they can go back home to stay warm.  He then takes that product to the homeless shelters and gives it away.  WHO IS THIS GUY?!?!  He is someone with a massive heart accomplishing something that no 'program' can do!  Have you seen him?

Monday, February 15, 2021

White Wonder!

Standing by the window as morning fades, I gaze out at the vast expanse of what happened overnight to His creation...

Winter with its last 'hurrah?'
The ice hangs without care!
All other places sight may land,
the snow is laden there!
The bite contained inside the wind
is for the braver than I!
But there is much to do for one
to stay in, warm and dry.
Like capturing the vision with
a pen so others see.
I do so with my coffee and
my Savior next to me.
From this window on the hill
I gaze across the land,
describing everything I see
to Him Who has command:
horses running free make tracks
in freshly-laden snow...
hawks so gently glide on winds
that freely are to blow...
and, over there, a herd of elk,
so peacefully, to graze...
all upon the patent markings
of most winter days.
The glory, majesty and beauty
of Father God's creation
made afresh but constantly
due His imagination!
He gives to me a wondrous love
for His handiworks...
I take it in as the morning 
coffee gently perks.

Soon, I must be at a place where the coffee perks all day.  But now, in the early with Creator God, time suspends momentarily to allow me the privilege of beholding His wonder.  GOD IS SO GOOD!


Sunday, February 14, 2021

The Servant's Heart

"There is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed..."
"That which is done in secret shall be proclaimed from the rooftops..."
The eyes of God see all, and unless one repents and asks for forgiveness, there will be consequences.  Therein lies the beauty of what Jesus Christ accomplished: MERCY!  

"You see the crimes that I have done,
yet You forgive them, every one
when I bow, Lord, and call Your Name,
and ask forgiveness for such shame.
'As far as east is from the west...'
You cast my sin when I've confessed!
And Your grace--but has it any bounds?!
Again, Your mercy so surrounds!

BUT GOD, so many do not know!
They scoff Your Name, and on they go
continuing their errant ways...
so You have said would be the days.
What could this man do with this pen
that might affect the hearts of men
that they would change and turn to You?
Repentance--so long overdue!
So here am I, Your servant, Lord.
You've given me a sounding board
that reaches neighbors...countries...states...
oh, give me verse that so relates!
You know the heart of EVERY man.
You know the past...You know the plan.
Be seen and heard in such as we
to cause ALL men, for You, to be!

Do the sins and failures of others repulse you and cause you to say to yourself "I'm glad I'm not like THAT..."  Or do their shortcomings cause you to cry out to God to change their hearts?  The answer to that question is a distinct sign of whether or not you have a servant's heart.

Saturday, February 13, 2021


Back out into the daily everyday.  God alone knows all that we will go through.  We, however, can choose the way we react to it.  And believe me, the world is watching!

When 'people' ever get to you,

know that you're not alone.
Especially this day and age
when stress is greatly known!
Such was the same in Jesus' day
so very long ago--
just look how many 'learned' men
caused Him such grief and woe!

For in the day and age when life
would echo "ME!  ME!  ME!"
the truest of the heart becomes
so very clear to see.
and it's THAT heart we're called to
minister to and reach.
For God can turn the same around,
transform it, love it, teach.

Yes, people,' they WILL get to you,
it's just a question "when?'
We're called to be His eyes and ears,
but, greater, His heart then.
For only as we live His life
before their very eyes
will we, our progress and advancing,
truly realize.

People--made by God Himself,
are constantly about.
Without each other, though, what riches
we would be without!!
Yes, we ALL be irritants
at one time or another;
but wealthy be each one of us
to call each other 'brother!'

I have heard before, (even from pulpits,) "People--can't live with them...can't live without them!"  A true statement, indeed, but that person that irritated you so badly at work today may be the one that blesses you the most next week!  Be careful to treat one another as you would like to be treated.  I promise you, you will be the better for it!

Friday, February 12, 2021

Absolutely Pricelesss

Father God.  Everything we ever need and when!  And all He asks in return is our love and devotion!  What a small price for us to pay for something that is absolutely priceless!!

"O God, You are so very good,
so very good indeed!
Before we are aware, You have
solution to each need!
Before I even ask, O Lord,
already You provide!
Your love, oh Lord, for such as we,
it cannot be denied!

Oh God, there be no other, yea,
no other be as good.
You care for us far greater than
an earthly father could!
My daddy, though a hero and
a close friend in my eyes,
he did all that he could to love,
provide, care and advise.
But YOU, oh God, but You continue
to look after us;
even when we disappoint,
we trouble or we fuss,
continue Ye to love and care
for ALL who call Your Name!
Oh God, we are so fortunate
that Jesus Christ, He came!

Yes, God, You are so very good,
and there is none like You!
You are so good, You are so great,
and NEVER out of view!
For You are so involved in
everything that we go through!
O God, there's not a 'father' that
is greater so than You!"

FATHER God.  Father to the poor...Father to the rich...Father to the famous...Father to the unknown, Father to the _________!  THAT is God the Father, and He longs to Father YOU!  Let him, my friend.  It will be the best choice you have EVER made!


Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Each of us go through different times in this life at all times.  There is, however, One Constant through those times: Jesus Christ our God!  Do YOU know Him?  He certainly knows you...

In times of jubilation...

in times of dire straits...
in times of horrid panic,
our God, He so relates!
Even times of that o'er which
we do not have control,
we are secure inside His arms--
He has each heart and soul!

So relegate that control to Him
and go about your day.
Regardless of the 'atmosphere,'
He still remains THE WAY!
So many are the variables
as we go out the door,
but God, He is stability,
and He will make life MORE!
Even in pandemics, storms,
disasters and the like,
He looks at all our obstacles
and tells them 'Take a hike!'
And makes for us a 'straight and narrow,'
we who are His Own,
that, everywhere we set our foot,
His victory is known!

In any and all times GOD IS,
and confidence is ours!
We can proceed with boldness by
partaking of His powers!
And we shall be a light, a port,
a kind, extended hand
to them that 'feel' without the same
but all across the land!

Boldness and security.  Two more by-products of trusting in and belonging to Jesus.  His Blood within causes such assurance...even in an insecure world!  Belong to Him today by asking Him to be your Savior.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Fortunate!

Here we go again...we have to get up, go to work, put in the hours required of us and then return...just like yesterday.  Wait a minute.  Let's look at this another way: here we go again...we GET TO go to work, we GET TO put time in and witness what God WILL accomplish THROUGH us!  (And get paid to do so!!)

Every day is different...and yet
each day is the same.
With every passing hour, there be
something new to claim!
The Lord provides stability
and a 'steady' through it all,
(so reliable and without price,)
unto His faithful all!
No matter what the day contains
it is already known,
and settled be whatever rises
to affect His Own!
His love, it is so very great
that we are not without,
and His care for such a we--
it is beyond all doubt!

Yes, the 'every day' is different
but we remain secure;
and He assures that we enjoy
as long as we endure!
His care has no comparison...
His love, it has no peer;
and life--it is victorious
but all throughout the year!

How blessed and fortunate be them that are able to look at life that way.  Too many are denied the opportunity, or are unable to 'work' anymore due no fault of their own!  ENJOY the job you have!  It makes the job so much easier, and the time will fly by!


Monday, February 8, 2021


In a world where every person experiences something different at all times, (though we all go through it!) it is so wonderful to have a stabilizing Force that never leaves us or forsakes us!  Where would we be without Him?!

We are favored by a God Who has
all life within His hand.
He orders times and seasons and
He decorates the land!
He joys about us with His love
and orders steps, our all;
yet each day, into a worldly world,
we answer to a call..

Events...occurrences...they come
at times that aren't exact.
What defines one is the way
that one would so react.
But knowing God is in control
assists in such a way:
He has an understanding that
no other can convey.

Happenings occur but every
day in every life.
The same can cause the gamut, from
jubilation down to strife!
BUT GOD, He is The Stabilizer
as the days go by,
perfectly providing until
we meet Him in the sky!

God's favor.  He is The One who causes us to excel.  He heals us...blesses us...and loves us like no other father can!  No matter what we are going through, HE KNOWS, and our victory is assured.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The REAL 'Super!'

Sunday morning.  "Super Bowl Sunday."  I know folks who will drop EVERYTHING to make sure they have all they need for that game later on.  Unfortunately, some will even avoid His House...

Anticipating later, they
call this a "Super Day?"
But Super is each day to be
when you are of The Way!
No 'game,' no 'series,' no 'event'
to match the Presence of
the Son of God, God the Son,
the only King of Love!!

So many celebrations,
preparations and the like;
countless millions spent on this day
just before the "Hike!"
Oh, but long before that happens, there
is worship to be done
to God the Father, Holy Spirit,
Jesus Christ the Son!

Yes, EVERY day with God is 'super;'
abundance flows from Him!
Allow His moving in your life
and it will never dim!
His light--may it so shine in you
that others be so drawn;
that, regardless of the game, the 'super'
never will be gone!!

I look forward to watching that game just as much as the next guy, but it is far more important to make sure I spend time with God, His Word and His people before I do!  And if that means I miss part of The Game, so be it.

Saturday, February 6, 2021


Day in and day out, if we pay attention, there are 'opportunities' for God to work through us.  Of late, Holy Spirit has made me more keenly aware of this, and it is ALWAYS quite rewarding!  One of the days' cries is 'whose life matters.'  Call me an oddball, but that has never been an issue to THIS man.  What's wrong with me??

We hear of 'whose lives matter' 
but each and every day;
the media reminds us such
in word and on display;
even our favorite 'celebrities'
look straight into our eyes
and make certain that "such" and "such"
we truly realize!

But in the sight of God Most High,
ALL life to matter there!
We are to live, love and respect,
without bias, everywhere!
It makes no difference what we've done,
or the color of our skin,
The God that made each one of us,
His sight we're always in!
And we are in each other's world--
the one that HE created;
and each of us, no matter whom,
are to be celebrated!
I am no better than another
color, class, sex or creed.

And a greater understanding of
this truth we surely need!
We need such oh so desperately,
and God, He has The Way
to teach us such in fashion so
we understand the day!
His class is open.  Enter in.
Bring in your heart and mind.
In THERE, such great solutions and
true breakthroughs, will we find!

Yes, ALL of life to matter!  And
those lives, they are in need.
And You and I, with Christ within,
can surely intercede!
It only takes a smile, a greeting
and, always, it takes time.
Make sure you are prepared for such
if YOUR walk shall be prime!

Again today, I got into a situation, (or God got me into a situation,) that required a monetary sacrifice.  I had no idea who the guy was...but that did not matter.  He had a need, and I was able to meet that need.  I know that I know that however much that encounter cost me God will restore to me, so I did not think twice.  The person got his food.  Got received the glory.  And I have the amazing satisfaction of KNOWING that life went right for that man today.
Again, GOD IS SO GOOD...no matter what his belief or color is!

Friday, February 5, 2021

Hard Times

We live in a world of abundance!  At the same time, we live in such a polarized society, one that causes us to judge one another before we act.  What a painful place!

My brother has a pressing need,
a need that most avoid;
all he wants is food, but 'friends'
are getting so annoyed!
I do not not know who this man is,
but I can meet his need--
will I join those 'friends' or will
I go and intercede?

There are folks around us every day,
they hunger and they thirst.
The pain of haven't eating, though,
it is among the worst!
And there is no excuse for it,
as so blessed WE have been!
Ignoring that man's hunger--for it
be an outright sin!

That person, they are hungry! --
don't ask why or what or how!
Take them some food.  Take them somewhere
to meet that need and NOW!
If we do so to 'to the least of these,'
we do so unto God!
May no one see your efforts, that
Christ's Name would they applaud!

We see 'them' more and more often these days.  Someone at an intersection or on a corner with a sign.  Are you going to respond with your heart or with your finger?  I have seen the latter too often!  It doesn't take much to change a person's entire trajectory.  Who knows, that may be Jesus holding that sign just to see what we will do.


Thursday, February 4, 2021

Colorful Evening

Day is done.  We sit out on the back deck and watch Almighty God's very hand create the glory of evening...

How many are the colors as
the sun just disappears?
It steels the writer for as long
as fitting verse appears!
Once again, Creator God,
(with palette firm in hand,)
creating scenes that the most learned
cannot understand!

But clearly understood be glory
for to grip the heart!
For day is done--deeds and duties,
did they all depart;
late afternoon and early evening
have so much to give,
and that which they create assist
our God to help us live!

So many are the shades of vesper--
every moment change!
It is impossible for man
to, the spectrum, range!
And such be offered differently
with gift of each new day.
See to it gratitude go to
The Truth, The Life, The Way!

The colors of the evening sky
have wisest asking "...how and why?"
The fortunate, though, savor such
from God the Father's lavish touch!!

Yes, Creator God creating...even as some of us are unwinding.  For some of us, it is His glorious creation that aids that sweet process.  Pay close attention to that which He creates before YOUR very eyes!


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

This Glorious, New Day!

Around the world right now, there is a myriad of environs.  Right here, however, there is a calm, glorious new day beginning, and I know Who made it!  Praise Him with me, won't you?

The blast of winter greeting with
the full light of the sun!
Beholding His creation in
the freeze may not be fun,
but so glorious to be the sights
as God sets them aglow,
revealing the bold, (and even
subtleties we may not know!)

The bluest February sky
to frame life from above.
That light so great to highlight glories
there be plenty of!
How can a line of verses capture
such a vast amount?
But it cannot!  As there be always
too many to count!
But praise will resonate to God
from deep, so deep inside.
For He created this great day
with glory far and wide!
And I will so enjoy it, doing
that which I'm assigned,
knowing He will get the glory
come time I have resigned!

But that is several hours away, and much enjoyment is to be 'til that time.  So get out and savor the glories of Wednesday if you're able.  He made it just for us!


Saturday, January 30, 2021

News of HOPE!

The news these days.  It doesn't do much to ensure a future and a 'hope.'  Oh, but there is other news, the 'Good News,' and in Him is established what is necessary to press on through the days and times that are!

As long as dreams are kept alive
there is a case for "hope!"
As long as 'hope' has got a chance
but each of us can cope!
As long as there are trials each day,
that 'hope' will oversee;
that 'hope,' His Name is Jesus Christ,
alive to such as we!!

Regardless of the issues that
arise with each new day,
we are assured safe passage from
The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He knew before it was 'The news,'
and He sees far beyond,
and He secures the ones of whom
He is so very fond!

Have YOU Hope's blest security
with every step you take?
You can if, Savior of your soul,
this Jesus Christ, you make!
He is available to all
and any that will come!
Do so and security
and peace will be your sum!
For in Him, your dreams, they are secure
regardless of the 'trial;'
bright and eternal be your future
when you reconcile!

Yes, Jesus Christ.  The Good News.  The ONLY 'thing' that this world cannot affect!  Know Him as your Savior and be enabled and blessed to be able to press on, regardless what the world does...or what the 'news' says!


The Greater Vision

With eyes wide open, I go about the day accomplishing that which is appointed.  All the while, I clearly see with the heart's eyes all that could be...

I see the glory of His great creation,
the spectacle and wonder of the same!
I thank Him for it all in conversation
as I pray to Him in Jesus' Name!
So similar be His glory in all people--
regardless of their color, creed or race!
He ties us all together in relation
with the crimson thread of Jesus' grace!

"I Have a Dream..." not just a 'bygone speaking,'
it is a living hope, so hearty still!
And that very hope may be accomplished
if ALL but set aside that selfish will!
'For this man is no better than another...'
if only we could grasp that and so live!
Imagine all the 'good' we could accomplish...
imagine all the lives that would yet live!

Yes, as I stand and view the glory of creation,
I see the same as I behold The Mass--
men and women, young and old, all colors...
the heart, it shall not recognize a 'class!'
'I HAVE A DREAM...' those words are yet still living,
kept alive by hearts believing so!
And them that may take argument against it,
the same refuse to scale the next plateau!

BE NOT AFRAID TO DREAM!  For there IS a place where said dream is a reality, and Paradise is waiting there for The Best!


Friday, January 29, 2021


Ahhh...right here is the perfect place!  I find a seat on the rocks and watch the evening performance of the ebbing tide...

When verses would allude
and words would seem to hide,
vocabulary, as we know
would, nowhere near, abide,
communication yet takes place
between the most devout;
such is right now in stellar sights
as Friday light fades out.
It does so on the coastline
as waves so gently crash.
Ocean swells are minimal
and, with rocks, barely clash;
breezes barely whisper
as stars would reappear,
and conversation happens with
few words with Jesus near.

He visits me in His creation
every time I come.
He never scolds me for the day,
(though I be bothersome!)
Laughter, oohs and aahs prevail
as we behold the night;
even entertainment happens
in life's fading light!

Never miss such opportune
at any time of day!
Spend as much as you can with 
The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He KNOWS already what you've been through,
(for He was there with you;)
just savor quiet time enjoying
scents and sounds and view!

The glory of His creation...the quiet peace that is as day is over...and the Presence of The One Who created it all!  What a wonderful time of restoration from the busyness of business!

Thursday, January 28, 2021


"A time for healing."  Father God, so let it be as we press on through the next phase in the history of this great nation!  For it is only through YOUR GRACE that we are made 'great!'

For how do we make pure frustration
positive in note?
For many disappointments come
from things that be now rote!
That which we enjoyed last year
raises ire now in another?
Should I ignore the situation,
or should I actually bother?

Peace that passes understanding
dwells inside the best.
But, on occasion, simple things--
they put one to the test!
Namely, those so close to us
at work or in the house,
and those frustrating be close friends,
or even be a spouse!

So, how DO we handle happenings
that easily frustrate?
Those 'little things' we've enjoyed for years
yet now seem oh so great?!
We hand them off to Jesus, and
continue we to love,
as all of life contains such 'things,'
(and there be plenty of!)

SO...how can we turn frustration into
things that make us grow?
Have a 'heart-to-heart' with God--
all answers does He know!!

More and more these days, it seems that folks are getting irritated, or downright mean and nasty about what used to be 'the everyday.'  But why?  Such does not have to be!  Is this a product of 'an administration,' or merely fulfilment of end-times prophecy?

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Before the Rush

Ahhh...morning.  Rise and yawn, stretch and ENJOY...before the rush of 2021 has an opportunity to set in for the day...

First light, out the window
the trees wave back to God;
as He lights up the morning peaks
those dancing trees applaud!
The birds, the birds sing out to Him
and gather merchandise;
and even ocean currents swell
as He makes day so nice!

Already has He set in motion
all this day will be.
Eternal--this entire day,
already did He see!!
Yet He joins us each as we discover
what has never been;
for it's a brand new wonder for us,
being mortal men!
For settled, in HIS view, the issues
that have yet to be...
and supplied is everything
required by such as we!
We only must receive it as
we go about this day
that we see for the first time in
such glorious display!

Provider God providing
as He has always done...
Almighty God residing
in Jesus Christ, The Son...
And Jesus watching with us in
the early, in the cold...
God--so living in the very
subtle and the bold!!

Just pay attention.  Slow down, take a breath, look around and listen...God Most High can be seen and heard by them that take time to do so.
Are YOU one of them that has time?


New EVERY Morning!

The holidays have come and gone.  Now, we live in the 'same old, same old...'  Or do we?  We don't have to, you know?  For God's mercies are ew every morning, and that which He provides is far greater than any gift can be!

In worlds that are perfect and
everybody gets along,
there is time enough for everything,
and everyone has a song!
There is no stress or 'deadlines' in
that place where all goes right;
there is time enough for everyone--
no argument or fight.

But THAT is not here yet, and we
must do the best we can.
The 'planning' and 'arranging' that
are common unto man,
they yet go on but constantly,
and we must stay alert;
and there are things that, emotionally
and physically, so hurt!
But even in this 'lesser' place
God says "I understand,"
and He grants peace and healing for
all things--planned and unplanned!
We must stand firm on that Perfect Peace
and stay inside His Word,
because, until that Trumpet blast,
all stress will be occurred!"
And those belonging to The Son,
we have tools to help us cope
and a precious gift none other have,
and that gift is called "Hope."
The holidays already were,
and brought their brand of 'pain,'
but KEEP the Joy they are designed for--
it will be to your gain!

So many of us look forward to the holidays every year!  For many others, however, they have become a source of pain and stress.  God NEVER designed them for such!  This world has made them that way.  Certain people have made them that way.  But we can break that cycle and savor the TRUE Joy that they are...even now!


Monday, January 25, 2021

That Constant Need

The 'same old, same old' has not been for some time now.  No, many of us have had to adapt in ways that we could never have imagined!  That said, there is STILL a basic, desperate need that we have for one another...

The ways we are accustomed to--

disrupted as for now.
Will that affect your spirit or
your attitude somehow?
Life is shaken up a bit,
uncomfortable and mean;
that does not have to mean that such,
come out of us is seen!
No!  This is 'opportunity'
for Christ, through us, to shine!
He vowed that times like this would be
in His Word, so divine!
And while 'divine' be not how we
describe the days that are,
it's opportune for HIS love and
HIS ways to go so far!!

We may not like the 'politics...,'
we may not like the 'health...,'
we may not like the 'status quo,'
but we can gain great wealth
by being who He called us to
through Christ the Lord--His Seal!
How WE react to days that are
will, oh, so much, reveal!

People are angry.  Listen.  Don't incite.
People are hurting.  Minister as best you can.
People are dying.  Reach out...embrace...console.
Sure, we must do it all 'safely,' but NEVER stop communicating--regardless what 'religion' says...regardless what 'party' says...regardless what __________, as none of that matters in Heaven's eyes.  And, like it or not, we NEED one another, and HE has final say!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

That Massive Heart!

God has that massive heart that can contain every living soul that ever is.  Problem is, a lot of those hearts don't know Him yet, and still others just don't want Him!  Don't be one of them please!

Almighty God, untouchable,
so holy and so high--
The very same communes with us
so many wonder "Why?"
So simple be the answer, yet
so complex unto most;
the love, the massive heart of God,
in naught else may we boast!

Almighty God--far greater than
intelligence may grasp!
Upon His awe and spectacle--
oh what be there to grasp?!
It be His grace, alone, that He'd
desire and create
a people to commune with Him-
emotion consummate!

Almighty God, Most Holy God,
available to all!
He is our Everything, oh yes,
He is our wherewithal!
None be greater, none be more,
more loving, kind and just!
He welcomes all, enjoying all;
and fosters greatest trust!

I've been hurt.  You've been hurt.  We've all been hurt at some point or another in a relationship.  But a relationship with Loving God will not hurt because He is perfect, and He WANTS a relationship with you!  Call on Him today, won't you?

Friday, January 22, 2021

Who are We?

Who are we?  Many of us find ourselves asking such as we behold the day's current events.  Attitudes...actions...events...even 'feelings' be affected!  We must GENUINELY ask ourselves

Who are we?
Such to come to mind as I 
behold events unfold.
But why is one at all surprised?
As, for years, we've been told!
The Word of God had laid this out
while we've cried "NOT THIS LAND!!"
while networks without end bear witness
of the same first-hand!

Is this because the heart of man
is evil to the core?
Is this because I'm glued unto
that TV more and more?
Is this because His prophecies,
before our eyes, unfold?
Is this because "The Day is coming..."
for years we have been told?

No!  It's because we've said 'No!' to God,
and 'yes' to OUR desires!
I must deny MYSELF at last
and help put out these fires!
Especially that fire that has,
so freely, spread within,
rebelling at that which is 'good'
and answering to sin!

'Forgive us Lord.  Forgive ME, Lord,
for chasing my own way!
Help me consult You ALWAYS before
reckoning my day!
It may not be the day I 'want,'
but You know what is best.
O guide my heart, my thought, my word
and I KNOW I'll be blessed!"

"The way things are."  Some have accepted such for so long that it has become a way of life.  BUT THERE IS MORE!  THERE IS BETTER!  And it can only be obtained as we set ourselves aside, put God first, others second, and ourselves last.  That may fly in the face of a majority of 'philosophies,' but it is the way God wants it!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Absolute Trust

There are things that happen every day that are beyond our ability to fathom.  These events were ordered before any of us were, and Him Who did so knows what is best for us.
Can YOU trust Him that much?

Where men cannot imagine
occurrences are set.
Events are put into motion for
the time that is not yet!
Even that which happens NOW,
He has seen it all unfold;
and His Own are yet encouraged to
be faithful and be bold!

In spite of what we see, the One
controlling has great ruth!
His love for us has not a peer,
and ALL He speaks in truth!
That which IS may hurt to a
degree that has no word,
but He is aware, He's seen what was
and what will be occurred!

Where man cannot imagine,
oh put your faith, your all!
Him Who Is will honor such
when hearing your heart-call,
all the while accomplishing
that far beyond our grasp!
Make sure your heart and soul are in
His firm, eternal grasp!

Trust.  It all comes down to trusting in THE God of all that ever is.  His order is perfect, and when we arrive before Him it will all become clear to us then!  KEEP TRUSTING!


Sunday, January 17, 2021

In this day and age...

Here we are in the midst of a 'pandemic.'  Hopefully, this is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience!  We turn on the news or open the paper each day only to hear them focusing on how bad it is.  And it IS bad!  Folks without jobs...cuts in hours...lack of income...drop in business.
However, being where I am with the position I hold, I get to see things on a daily basis that you will NEVER see on the nightly news!!  Being a cashier, I have seen more random acts of kindness since this pandemic started than I have in my over 40 years of customer service combined!  Here are some of the beautiful things I see on a DAILY basis:

"Ma'am, you had the the kids' meals with chocolate milk, right?"  "Yea Buzz."  "That's $8.16, please."  "Buzz, here's $40.  Pay for as many cars behind me as you can!"

"Sir, you had the Big Mac no onions with your order, right?  That will be $14.25 please."  "Here's $20 Buzz.  Put the change in your pocket!"

"How are you today?  You have the 4 large drinks, right?"  "Yes, Buzz.  Here is the money for my order.  And you see that blue car back there?  How much is theirs?"  "It's $13.25."  "Here is $25 for their order, and tell the lady to spend the rest of the money on her kids for me please."

And so it goes.  Day after day.  It's so wonderful that God allows me to be a part of this, and it NEVER gets old!  It's almost always 'anonymous,' and God is glorified each time it happens! 
So the next time life's complexities have you down, (or you are watching the nightly news!) don't forget that there are wonderful things happening in this world that no one will probably ever hear about...and that's the way these folks want it!

Friday, January 15, 2021

This Day's Requirements

Life again to challenge.  Do you have any idea how to respond?  Of a truth, complexities are present right now that NONE of us have had practice dealing with.  BUT GOD is present also, and He knows exactly the what, when and how of all that is!  Can one have peace and joy in the days that are?

There is a great complexity:

joy within the storm!
While the vast majority,
to panic, may conform,
there's yet a joy, a perfect peace
that overshadows all,
it's found inside believing in
The God of wherewithal!

Knowing He is knowing causes
peace availed nowhere;
and joy unspeakable is a
by-product of His care!
Though issues and situations seem 
to grow and grow and grow,
much greater is what GOD established--
THIS we surely know!!

All of such is on my mind
as I behold the day:
the glory and the majesty
so clearly on display
in the meadows...valleys...mountains...
even folks upon the way;
on THIS focus, and so keep
anxieties at bay!

The wonders that God avails.  There is no shortage of them, nor is there a limit to His great care for us!  If you are in need of Him, just call His Name!  He is right there with whatever the heart requires, and He sees the end from the beginning!!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sight so living!

The view alive.  He provides it anew all the day long as we go about accomplishing that which we are assigned.  It varies for each one of us, and here is the one I have right now...

Festivity belongs to me
way down, down in my heart!
He places joy so deep within
that it cannot depart!
Joy in the much finer things
that very few can buy...
joy in the most little things
that many just pass by
like the appreciation of
the sight before my eyes:
the deer upon the meadow
underneath the clear, blue skies.
I'll capture verse before I aim
and take the perfect shot
and, later, have the photo that
so very few have got!
And such sight to be festivity
to my eyes and my friends.
I'll share it from the office when
my time down there begins.
But right now, it is shared with me
as We spend time together.
Festivity to surely be,
regardless of the weather!

Yes, get done what you must, but don't forget to take note of the wonders that God, Himself, places all about you each day!


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Priceless Time

Another successful day...and I am beat!  Business was brisk...tasks were undertaken and accomplished...and I have a time set aside for the Lord and I alone, so He walks with me...

Walking slowly through the trees

now glistening with ice.
The sun to set the same aglow--
a sight without a price!
I MUST take such a time as this
before 'time' has its way;
for I KNOW that such will happen as,
too busy, be the day!
BUT GOD, He makes this time and place
to visit and commune,
as He KNOWS that the days that are
be fast...and gone too soon!
But time with Him, and Him alone,
is perfect preparation,
and, ANYTIME, such time as this
is prefect reparation

Whenever is this time with Him
as you go through your day,
there is ALWAYS something new and fresh
to keep us on The Way!
O take ye not for granted such,
it has too high a worth!
Time with God--the One Who knew you
even before your birth!

Yes, this special time is sure-fire preparation for the day...but the sun just went down, and it is just as valuable right now!  Walking with God, talking about the day, and listening to His response.  There be no greater rejuvenation!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Which way are YOU looking?

Everywhere we seem to look these days, there is damage, corruption or hopelessness.  EVERYWHERE we look?  Or is it only what the media is focused on?  Hmm.  I know another Place to look, and it is rife with hope!  THE WORD OF GOD!

O praise the Lord, ye people!  Ye that,
to Him, so belong!
While all the world is clamorous noise,
in YOU He puts a song!
He will not let the 'chatter' drown
the music you contain;
and, in the tumult, He is right there,
taking on your pain!

Praise the Lord, O Israel!
Praise your God, o Zion!
Amidst the beasts a-running wild,
He is The Mighty Lion!!
Naught shall bring Him to His knees,
nor attack from any side!
See to it that Your heart and trust,
in Him alone, abide!!

Yes, praise the Lord, ye fading world!
Only His belongings are
to prosper...not just 'cope!'
He said the days that are would be,
but He did not stop there!
LOOK UP!  LOOK UP!  A Perfect Place
is coming from somewhere!!

Yes, praise the Lord, ye people, and
let not your praises end!
Regardless how the 'present' looks,
your future is with The Friend!!

Cling to that hope, my friend!  God's Word says it!  BELIEVE IT!  For victory is already settled for all of them that call Jesus "Savior!"  Any day now...


Monday, January 11, 2021

Word of Beauty!

So is the Word of God to those of us who do our best to live by it!  By IT?  No, no, no...by HIM!

"Oh Word of God, so guiding,
oh Word of God so wise,
You partner with me as I talk
to Him beyond the skies
revealing unto me the Power,
revealing to me the Awe,
revealing, once again, His care
and upholding His Great Law!

Parting living pages now
so early in the day,
I am afforded yet again
what is the perfect way
to live the life before me,
to face what's yet to be;
assurances and what to do
with issues I will see!

So living is the Law of Love:
There is a truth on which to stand
with each verse to arrive!
'COME QUICKLY!'  oh so often cry
those pages so ordained!
So fortunate be such as we
those Pages have remained!

Oh Word of God, so beautiful,
my fortress and retreat!
Before the day is manufactured,
You make me so complete!"

LIFE.  That is what God's Word is to me, and life abundant!  Partake of Him each day, especially considering the days that we are in!  He is just as relevant right now as He has forever been!


Sunday, January 10, 2021


Another day.  The optimist sees it as 'another opportunity.'  Most of us would see it as an opportunity to do good and bless another.  There be a small group, however, who see it differently.  Let them not hinder the good that dwells inside of you!  When they DO get you down, remember...

Beyond the life that we have come to know,

perfection only is to come and go!
It is too wonderful to be described,
and, to God only, is the same ascribed!
There is nothing to be afraid of in That Place,
and we will see our Savior face-to-face!
No longer be it 'darkly, through a glass;'
and, no longer, any trials to amass!!

O how can words, so limited,
describe that which He's got?!
There is no way for to portray
that great, celestial plot!!
I may be a man of verses with
no limit unto word,
but capturing the truth of Heaven
has not yet occurred!
Oh, but spurred ahead, be I
to catch that perfect verse
describing what God promises,
which NO MAN can rehearse!!
But glimpses of The Glory grants He
all along the way
to keep us yearning for That Life,
that way beyond the day!!

"EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"  So cries out the yearning soul as the days go by!  The longer I live, the more I desire that life avowed to me by Him when I repented of my sins!  Keep crying out for it with me, won't you: "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!"

Saturday, January 9, 2021


Places to go...people to see...issues to take care of...  And as we do so, one thing becomes more and more apparent:

How can I make brighter that
which they are going through?
With Jesus Christ alive inside--
He tells me what to do!
For we are blessed with weapons given
not to any other;
it is our calling to assist
with struggles of another.
And it would cost us only 'time'
to help with someone's day!
It's downright WRONG to see their trouble
and just turn away!
Each of us must answer someday
for our every deed.
Why not make sure the same are 'good'
and help out those in need?
For it may only take a 'smile'
to turn someone around...
and even in just 'listening'
can a change of day be found!
All of these are given to us
from Him Who gave His all.
Make bright the days of those you see--
they are everywhere at all!

"Oh Lord, You are The Light!
You make my day so bright!
Shine through me to the end,
regardless foe or friend!"

We don't have to look very far to realize that this world is in dire need of Light!  It is completely our decision to be part of the problem or part of the solution!


Friday, January 8, 2021

That Which Be Certain!

Again, I find myself grasping for that which I KNOW is certain: God's Word!  For the words of the world be so confused and divisive of late, BUT I know where to go...

"Your Word, oh Lord, is nourishment
to each and every part!
I hide it in the vaults of life
and it shall not depart!
I draw from it but all the day
and life is meted out;
Your Word, He gives me what I need
and NEVER fosters doubt!
And every time I part the pages
there is life anew;
there be a word afresh,
a revelation or a view
that's instrumental for this man
somewhere inside the day;
with Your Word, Your Living Word,
there always is a way!

How can a text so 'ancient' be
so pertinent, so alive?!
Because of Him Who dwells therein,
but always we arrive!
Them that would denounce it, they
continue--'round and 'round...
but a Straight and Narrow, 
ever-forward, have I found!!
'Tis due to Holy Spirit Who
has given me His eyes
to see the way and lead the way,
I truly realize!"

While 'wise men' argue and debate, You humble and bless with 'Yea and amen!'  O that such Word be alive in every heart that we may progress together!!

Thursday, January 7, 2021


Refocus.  Something we find ourselves needing to do more and more, as this world shows no sings of slowing down!  Nor do the issues that pend show any sign of letting up.

The issues and the obstacles,
the pressures of the day...
concerns that grip the world around
are all along the way!
We watch or read the daily news
and it sounds worse and worse;
one would assume that we are plagued
with an endless curse!

BUT GOD--His Word is is certainty,
and it will NEVER fail!
Hope would He so guarantee,
and peace does He avail!
Yes, issues and situations grip
this world in every way,
but He still holds it in His hands,
and He contains the day!

Regardless of the issues,
viruses or politics,
His will, it is above it all,
and His vow, it yet sticks!
Press on as best you can with all
that He provides for you
KNOWING He's already seen 
the day we'll all go through!

Refocus.  And do so with the assurances that are found in His Word, and the direction He speaks into your spirit.  Yes, He still speaks directly to all who will listen!  Do not, however, merely listen.  OBEY that precious leading availed from no other Source!


Wednesday, January 6, 2021


If you were anywhere near a television today, in a mere matter of hours, we behold what some of us never thought we would see here in America!

In One Alone resides our hope,
revealed again today.
It's not in man or policy,
so clearly on display!
The worst of us to come to light
and broadcast everywhere...
but, even in the anarchy,
the hope of God is there!

The enemy to rear his head,
but HOPE would yet remain!
For sure, this day, to history,
may be an ugly stain,
but '...nothing new beneath the sun,,,'
far louder to resound;
and, in THAT Word, security 
and order yet be found!
And He is greater than a 'country,'
its amendments or its laws;
in Him, alone, perfection is--
He has not ANY flaws!
Look to Him always, especially
when hope seems not at all.
Hope--His Name is Jesus Christ,
and He answers EVERY call!

America, we need The lord,
no matter how you feel!
Call out to Him!  His reality
God surely will reveal!

Jesus Christ.  The ONLY Hope for America...AND THE WORLD!  Call out to Him while there is yet time!  For surely, the day is at hand when the Trumpet will sound and we will no longer have such opportunity!


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Unexpected Blessings!

Day is done...again.  Taking care of a steady stream of guests for hours, now to recover.  I know exactly where to go!  I pick up the kids, the grandkids and we go

Seven miles outside of town,
down the mountainside;
the river--it is rushing fast,
but, here will we abide.
Creator God created this
to fascinate and calm;
carving its route through the landscape
with His very palm!

And while I gaze upon it as
it's hurrying along,
it almost lulls me with it's rhythm,
like a familiar song.
Almost...until an eagle glides
above the current low!
Its majesty awakens me
like nothing else I know!
And then another, right behind,
with head and tail so white!
How fortunate and blessed am I
to witness such a flight!
I follow them until they perch
upon the jagged hill
just there across the rushing river--
what an awesome thrill!!

So very wealthy such as we
as He reveals His touch
in the eagles...in the water...
in the landscape much!
And praises sound out from the depths
to Mighty God Creator--
making awe to happen--there be
not another greater!!

At the river with the kids on their last day here...and miracles happen!  One of the most inexpensive events we could ever do...turns out to be one of the most valuable!  GOD IS SO AMAZING!


Monday, January 4, 2021


The new year...still!
To God, it's the same yesterday, today and forever but, again, I look around and find myself praising Him because it is newer every day!  Hmmm...explain that to me!

So wonderful, belonging to
what cannot be explained!
Though volumes have amassed of words
inside of me contained,
He yet alludes the proper verse
pertaining unto Him!
To capture Him in writing, but
the bard may barely skim!

God--so very wonderful,
amazing and so real...
Father God--but so artistic
to the eye's appeal!
Loving Father--none be there
approaching His affection!
Perfect God--allowing us
a personal connection!

Yea, a man of words--no match
for One of 'everything!'
Yet will I, unto my dying breath,
His praises sing!
For He is God and God alone,
and He visits me each day!
So wealthy I to know The Truth,
The Life, The Only Way!

The year is new, but God is ever the same...or is He?!   Though The Word says He is the same yesterday, today and forever, that is by no means a 'box' that one can put Him in!  He is everything, old and new, at all times.
Explain that to me!!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Sanctuary

A winter Sunday morning.  Such to find His faithful in a number of different places and situations.  That does NOT change Who God is, nor does it affect His love for us each...

In the glory, before I even
think about 'the list,'
I go to God and witness all
the wonders that exist!
This morning has the rising sun
illuminating ice
clinging to the branches, eaves,
and each outside device!

And the glory--shining through
the elements that are.
Sunday, brilliant Sunday, shining
oh so very far,
illuminating hills and trees
and wildlife that be!
Sunday glory--God's great gift
to faithful such as we!

At times, we cannot 'congregate'
as 'tradition' calls,
but we can find sweet sanctuary
far beyond 'four walls!
And the glory of His Presence
meets us where we are--
be it on the backyard deck
or destination far!

Faithful, yes, so faithful is The Lord to meet with us wherever we gather, or wherever we may find ourselves unable to gather.  Wherever you can find 'sanctuary,' God is more than willing to meet us there, receive our gifts and answer our prayers! 


Saturday, January 2, 2021


Dreaming...hoping...trusting...believing...so many of us be ridiculed for doing such, but it is a PROMISE to which we cling--we who have JESUS dwelling inside of us!

Above the 'everything' that is,
beyond the 'every day,'
another world is just as busy,
minus constant fray!
It hasn't got an ending,
and it has always been;
it's been described as 'Paradise'
by great, inspired men!
Happenings go on there that
have been before time was known...
angels on duty constantly,
created all His Own;
things that we don't comprehend
and cannot understand,
they all go on so perfectly
at His supreme command!

God, so very infinite,
intelligent and true,
He makes that which we've yet to know,
(yet yearn so deep to do,)
to happen there without event,
before and after time!
HEAVEN--perfect constancy,
and constant paradigm!!

Through His Word, through His servants' sermons, through glorious songs, even through personal revelation God makes manifest the glory of that Eternity that He has waiting for His Own!  Will YOU be enjoying it with me?  I certainly pray you will!  KNOW JESUS!!


Friday, January 1, 2021

Closer and closer!

A brand new day...a brand new year...a brand new start!  For most, however, it's the 'same old...same old...'  However you look at it, we are one day closer to Jesus' return!  "COME QUICKLY, LORD JESUS!!"

Starting over, starting fresh
on January One.
What better way than to cry out
"Oh God, Your will be done!!
Direct our steps, direct our ways,
direct each thought and word
so that all glory goes to You
and victory is occurred!"

Yea, no better way to bring in the new
than with Him Who's new each day!
He is The Truth, He is The Life,
He is the only way!
And He's the ONLY way that we'll survive
another year of life,
as He is aware of what will be:
the joys, the trials, the strife!

HAPPY NEW YEAR it shall be
as we submit to God!
He will direct our every step,
wherever we must trod!
O glorify Him, all ye people!
He is worthy of
our every moment as we live
in mercy, grace and love!

Commit this year to live according to His lead, and be amazed at how prosperous, victorious and serene your days will be...all while listening for that Trumpet Blast!