Monday, December 7, 2020


"Oh, that wonderful time of year!"  But I meet too many who see it otherwise.  I counsel with many who stress out most this time of year.  Such out not to be.  For GOD certainly did not  intend it to be that way!

Decorations and decor
now everywhere around!
Joy and jubilation to
abundantly abound!
It is that time of glory when
we celebrate His birth--
God Most High come as a Man,
reminding us of our worth!

So celebrate His birthday knowing
what He's done for you:
giving hope, giving joy
and making life anew!
As we gather with our loved ones
invite HIM to be there!
Acknowledge Him as The Reason
that, such joy, we share!

Jesus, Jesus, Loving Lord
and Savior to us all!
Sing Him out with all you are!
Send forth His saving call!
He is The Reason for the season
we all know and love,
and one glad morn we'll celebrate
in Paradise above!

"Decoration and decor,"
do it for HIS glory!
Adorn Christ first and Christmastide
will be more than just 'story!'

It's Christmas!  IT'S JESUS!  And He is worth celebrating, not stressing out over!  If you are scrambling about trying to get everything for everyone, STOP!  Take a deep breath and focus on WHO it should be all about!


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