Friday, December 25, 2020


4:30 am.  What am I doing awake?!  Then the words start to flow, and I must rise and capture the words that He is giving me...

Wake up!  Wake up, ye ones asleep!
A prophecy, this day, to keep!
For unto us a Child is come!
His birth--it is our total sum!
He comes as Babe--so frail and small,
and, yet, the greatest gift of all!
To every person anywhere
God demonstrates His awesome care!

The very Best to send now He
to be our life and victory!
No matter where you are or who,
He does this of His love for you!
Jesus Christ, of great discord,
is born to be our sovereign Lord!
So humble, cuddly, innocent--
our lone way truly to repent!

Yea, wake up!  Wake up and see him now,
there in a manger,  safe somehow,
in perfect peace for time being--
soon, for His life will they be fleeing!
But, for the moment, where you are,
wake up and see Him not afar!
For all will see Him face-to-face,
over and above this race!

WAKE UP!  And celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Emmanuel, God with us, Messiah, King of kings...there, in a stable tucked away as there is no room at the inn.  Is there room in YOU today as we celebrate His Birth?

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