Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Treasured Times!

Aahhh...breathe!  So it feels as I am away from the fray for a few days with a very special treat: our grandchildren are here!  When distance separates, trust me, you treasure EVERY moment God grants with them!!

Simplicity and children--

the two go hand-in-hand.
There is so much in this life that they
don't have to understand!
And so much we deem 'little things'
that, to them, mean so much...
who could put a price tag or
a value upon such?!

An afternoon of bowling.
The score, it matters not!
What counts are precious memories
and the times that we have got!
Not always are they with us, nor
will they stay this age;
capture every wondrous moment
before 'life' turns the page!

At the bowling alley with
grandchildren from afar--
such to be beyond all price,
regardless when they are!
Laughter, fun and family...
I wish it could be more!
I praise my God, though, for this time
and all that it stands for!
For HE provides such memories,
as He knows where and when
we need pause from 'the every day;'
and He's ALWAYS 'now' and 'then!'

Making lifelong memories out of 'everyday' events.  NEVER lose sight of the value of it and, surely, NEVER take it for granted!  For the days go by too fast to miss such times so wonderful!

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