Tuesday, December 8, 2020


The year is winding down.  Folks are scrambling all about trying to get as much done as possible before ________!  Are YOU one of them?

Back to the simplicity

of Jesus--only Him!
So much of life is happening,
it seems, upon a whim!
BUT GOD--He is the bedrock
not a thing in life can shake!
Time for Him, in EVERY day,
but everyone must make!

Jesus, Jesus, only Him,
Know ye not that, of yourself,
He is so very fond?
And the speed of life these days
is a concern minute!
Stay focused and move straight ahead
and naught shall He impute!

Yea, busy are the days that be,
with speeds so out-of-whack!
But do your best, ye chosen ones
and, quietly, sit back
KNOWING that the days that are,
for they are FULLY known
to Him Who set up time itself,
and you, YOU ARE HIS OWN!

Yes, busy are these days, and much is there to do.  But there is only so much that YOU can do about that!  You must do your best and TRUST Him with the rest!  Did you hear that?  TRUST and REST!

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