Saturday, December 5, 2020

This Challenging Time

Here we are, at the end of the year.  A very CHALLENGING year!  Going through a crisis, the likes of which some of us have never seen!  So what do we do?  Give in to it?

In times of greatest challenge,

the greater good takes place.
Though sales and numbers suffer,
abundant would be grace!
Traditions that we've held so dear
for, lo, so many years,
now cannot happen as we'd like,
so the challenge--it appears!

We cannot be together in
the numbers we have known,
BUT GOD--He makes it possible
that we not be alone!
The dinners that we would attend
if normal be the days,
we can yet attend, but in
a myriad of ways!

Thanks to the great technology
that God has shown to man,
there are so many of us learning
of another plan!
Via media we visit
friends and family;
so many ways to keep in touch
here in the days that be!
And by the folding of the hands
to Jesus Christ in prayer,
we can be transported and
have fellowship anywhere!
Truly, it is NOT the same,
but we are NOT alone;
and soon, solution to this crisis,
somehow, will be known!

Don't lose hope.  Don't ever give up.  And for GOD'S sake, do not stop believing!  For He has seen us through quite a bit, and He's not about to stop!  TRUST HIM!

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