Friday, December 4, 2020

The Fading Day

Home at last!  Day is done for me in town...and BUSY it was!  However, God has prepared a wonderful place for me to be restored...

As afternoon paints remaining foliage,
winter whispers to me in the breeze.
I scan the acres and the hills around me
and entertain my Guest with all of these.
Already He's familiar with creation,
as He is The Creator of the same;
as we converse at liberty together,
I praise and magnify His Holy Name!

Yes, Father God has joined me in the vespers
as I unwind from what the day contained.
Christmas blessings were dispensed so freely--
joy, love and serenity so rained!
And the Source of such, He joins me as I settle,
granting rest and restoration, too!
He is The Source of ALL that life requires,
He is The Reason life is made anew!

Yes, as afternoon turns into early evening,
God--so great and glorious--is on display!
He welcomes ANYONE participating
by giving us The Truth, The Life, The Way!
He manufactures beauty with precision;
how many are the grateful to take note?
O take His blessings not at all for granted,
and take some time, unto Him, to devote!

No matter what kind of day you have had, God has an exclusive retreat for you to relax and recharge!  NEVER take it for granted!  It is a very necessary time, especially in the days that are!


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