Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Best Laid Plans

Each and every one of us has a plan for what the day will hold.  Most of the time, that plan is altered by something called 'life.'  THEN what do you do...

When things don't go as planned,

there is One to understand.
He knows each form of 'hurt,'
as He's walked in that same dirt.
The disappointment and the pain--
for He knows they are not 'plain.'
However, He is so very great
that He can fully compensate
for the 'let downs' in this life,
and the struggles that be so rife.
For when no one understands,
He engulfs us in His hands;
and in His firm embrace
we can fully state our case!

And all the 'let downs' as we live
He keeps track of for to give
compensation for the pain
and assure each one cause gain!
For He has walked each path before.
He knows how our desires soar
and what happens when they fail,
our each emotion to assail!

But great reward awaits the stern
who press to that for which we yearn
but, somehow, do not come to pass.
Life--the gamut to amass!
So live.  So live as best you can
KNOWING life may alter your each plan,
knowing God is fully aware
and that you are in His perfect care!

And as you live, do so unto God.  In doing so, those things which may be 'disappointments' will be fully compensated for...often in something far better than what we were expecting!  That's just how gracious our loving Father is!

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