Saturday, December 12, 2020

That Precious Daily Time

First thing.  Wondering what today holds.  Knowing it will require greater power than this man has!  Therefore, I turn to God...

Minor flurries flit about
in the morning air
as we slowly rise so early--
for such we prepare.
It shall not hinder all the tasks,
but time will I so share--
time with God, watching snowflakes
drifting through the air.

So busier the days become
as year draws to an end;
but I set aside the 'busyness'
and visit with my Friend.
He sees and knows of all as we
are scurrying about,
and yearns for us, this precious time,
to NEVER go without!

Regardless of the weather...
regardless of the pace...
so essential is this time
that we spend with His Grace!
It makes the day to fit together
whatever be the tasks,
and He is so available
to anyone who asks!

This precious, valuable, essential time set aside each day.  The same becomes more and more necessary as the days progress.  Jesus said it would be that way, and He avails Himself to ALL constantly!


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