Thursday, December 10, 2020


Listening to conversations...eavesdropping?  Well...yes.  But all about the town, I keep hearing the same thing...and the same pain.

Where have gone 'relationships'
that, sacred, used to be?
Even 'relatives,' they get
neglected easily!
We get too caught up in 'careers'
or 'issues of the day...'
Is that a 'reason' or 'excuse?'
The heart can only say.
Yes, many are the issues and
activities around;
even more so, the 'distractions'
that would so abound!
All to steal the time away
and keep us busy so;
that, details about one another,
we neglect to know!

Yea, too many are the factors that
would keep us each apart.
The very same factors work
at hardening the heart!
Relationships take effort and
lack comfort often so;
and just how willing are the ones
that 'extra mile' to go?

Relationships--rewarding when
they're guarded and revered;
and wealthy they who find the same
and see them to be feared!

Love takes effort.  Friendship takes time.  Care requires work.  Again, how many are willing to do such, KNOWING that the same might hurt?  God has great reward for them that persevere!

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