Sunday, December 20, 2020

Last-Minute Trip

Five days until Christmas.  Winter all around me.  I find myself travelling to a destination to get a few last-minute things done before I take a week off to spend with my family.  But I am NOT alone in this truck...

On a two-lane highway,
early in the morn,
the sun begins to peek at us:
another day is born!
So slowly, light develops
revealing more and more
of God's glorious creation
for vision to explore!
And, in stealth, the deer to disappear
from the meadows to the forest;
should I ignore this time with God
but I would be the poorest!!
To start the day without the Lord
would be so sad indeed
as He creates such wonderments
causing joy be freed!
And I receive instruction, even
as I drive along:
words of wisdom...sights divine.
even blessed song!
All from Him Who makes the day
with His very hand...
all for to prepare this man
to firmly take a stand!

On a two-lane highway,
assignments all ahead.
I KNOW success will be the sum
as I am Spirit-led!

Yes, victories await ahead...already settled before time began!  They must be taken care of, however, before I spend that precious time with my wife and children as we celebrate Jesus' birthday!
Merry Christmas to you, whatever road you may be on today!

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