Saturday, December 26, 2020

Jesus Constantly!

The day after.  All too often we go through life listening to how relieved folks are that Christmas is 'finally' over for the year.  Why is that?

After celebration?  No!

Festivities go on!
Joy to the world to dwell within,
not ever to be gone!
Jesus Christ on Christmas Day...
but Jesus without end:
Wonderful, Counselor,
Master, Savior, Friend!

Too many do I know so glad
it's only 'once a year!'
They may not know the Christ I know,
so constantly right here!
And constantly I celebrate Him
throughout EVERY day!
He is worthy of all adoration--
all we do and say!

Merry Christmas celebrations
ebbing everywhere,
all the while, His Holiness
is right beside them there!
O keep His Light aglow as you
press on each day ahead;
each one of them to be a 'gift'
if you are Spirit-led!

The Spirit of Christmas.  May it never leave us!  May we be 'giving' to our fellow man all throughout the year, AND honor Jesus each day that we go through!

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