Sunday, December 6, 2020


Invisible.  Some people feel that way.  Maybe even YOU feel that way.  It is a painful feeling, and it is so unnecessary!  We are all in this together!

"Please don't see me as 'just different.'
I'm just the same as you in every way.
You step aside when I start to walk toward you,
thinking you must 'get out of the way.'
I'd really like for you to be 'just you,'
to say 'hello' like you do to others;
after all, in the eyes of Jesus,
we are equal as sisters and brothers!
What I have, for it is not 'contagious,'
except the love I have inside my heart.
Avoiding me is utterly outrageous!
Who knows, a lasting friendship, it may start!
I know you're busy and you have a schedule;
I am, too, but I just want to say 'Hello!'
It doesn't cost a thing at all to anyone
to just acknowledge me as you go!"

Many people have these feelings.  Most of them will not share them, they will just go about their day...trying to do their best while living the pain.  Go out of YOUR way to find them.  You don't have to look far!


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