Saturday, December 19, 2020


Getting the day over with.  All has gone well until...

When 'luxuries' turn into major headaches...
when 'day-to-day' gets all turned upside-down..
when I sit down at the desk to write His message
and find out that the internet is down!
I breathe in deep, sit back and look around me
and realize we are so blessed anyway!
And even if I cannot send out what He tells me,
there is life in everything He has to say!

Too many times of late come disappointments,
yet we remain alive with shelter fine!
And even if you and I cannot get together,
I have beautiful ones with me to sup and dine!
Yes, this year has been a challenge like no other!
And these 'holidays' are like we've never seen!
But CELEBRATE anyway as best that you can
the birthday of the Truth, the Life, the Way!

The challenges in life, they will continue.
The setbacks even may become far worse!
But love the ones you're with as long as you can,
and see NOT the 'holidays' as but a curse!

Some of us will not be able to be with the ones we want to be with this Christmas, but love the ones you're with regardless!  The internet may be down...or crash completely, but let it not hinder the Joy that this time of year is all about:  JESUS!!

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