Thursday, December 24, 2020

Gifted and gifting

Jesus Christ is come!  Jesus Christ is reigning in the heart that is availed.  That said, those hearts availed are so equipped with gifts that cannot be purchased.  Are we willing to give them away?

In the solemn Presence, oh so
valuable, so real;
ANYWHERE be sanctuary
with a heart appeal!
And faithful is He to attend,
wherever one may need;
His glory and His Majesty
to ever intercede!
He is aware of everything
that happens now and ever.
It is a sweet connection that
no thing could ever sever!
He knows the heart, He knows the feelings
each of us goes through,
therefore, He meets us where we are
and makes our lives anew!

Wherever you may find yourself
when the Spirit calls,
avail yourself unto Him, even
if there be no walls!
The Spirit is a gentleman
and KNOWS your time and day;
give to Him those moments and watch
blessings come your way;
especially this time of year
when giving be so broad,
that which you expend heart-wise
The Master will applaud!
And necessary be the gifts
that each of us contain!
Life--it is a give-and-take,
and NEVER is it 'plain!'

This year, it seems, more than any that I can recall, there is more NEED in this life than there is WANT.  Those of us belonging to Him Who is Everything are so equipped to provide some of that...whichever it be.  And we don't have to look far!  We must only be willing to share.
Merry Christmas to you and yours everyone!


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