Sunday, December 13, 2020

Doing our part

The days and times in which we live.  They are like no other!  Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  Will YOU do YOUR part?

epidemic or a plague...
with so many disappearing, 
identities grow vague;
but each one be a family member,
each one be a friend;
someone, somewhere is in great pain
due relationship to end.

So what be there for servants
at such a time as this?
Because we're His, all warnings and
precautions to dismiss?
"The Blood of Jesus covers me,"
therefore, no fear have I!
But we are to be vigilant,
trust and not defy!

All wise do we possess as we
press on, press on and trust.
The dangers of the day are REAL,
and CANNOT be discussed!
BUT GOD is real, as well and, 
by His Spirit, we are led,
doing as instructed by Him
as we press ahead!

Strange and dangerous times are these my friend.  I'd love to spend some quality time with you, but I have to wear a mask to do so.  Have to?  YES...if I love you!  God is well aware of what is going on and what we are going through.  Continue to trust Him.  He will do more than His part, but each of us must do ours, as well.


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