Monday, December 21, 2020

Closer the days!

One day closer to Christmas.  That wonderful and beautiful time when we celebrate the birth of our Savior!  Four days away.  But then what?  Is that ALL we have to look forward to?

Celebrating Jesus Christ--
He is worthy of it all!
Sing out!  Sing out with all you are! 
Join in the yuletide call!
The Son of God...God the Son
come to us as a Man!
So to fulfill all prophecy,
accomplishing God's Plan!

But Jesus, He is MORE than Christmas,
He is ALL of living!
Celebrate Him all the day--
His adoration, giving!
There be no limit to the praise
He is deserving of--
The Prince of Peace, the King of kings,
epitome of love!

O celebrate His birth, ye people,
but do not stop there!
Celebrate Him ALL THE TIME,
and fete Him everywhere!
For He is with you constantly,
He is beyond all time!
Praise Him even when You cannot
find reason or find rhyme!

Yes, glorious are the days and wondrous is the 'season' of Jesus, but mere 'season' can NEVER define Him!  HE IS TOO WONDERFUL!

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