Tuesday, December 29, 2020


On the road...a car full of gifts heading for a park just past the state line.  Christmas...FINALLY!

Up and at it early--
6 a.m. somewhere...
Out the door and driving east,
heading...who knows where?!
I only have 'coordinates,'
almost 4 hours east;
a glowing horizon greets me,
along with occasional 'beast!'
And those with me, we're excited,
It's Christmas Day once more!
We'll meet our kids and grandkids--
it is what Christmas is for!

We could not be together
to celebrate Christ's Day;
schedules and situations,
they got in the way.
But this day, naught will hinder,
together we shall be
to celebrate this blessed Event
with fervor, love and glee!

Whenever be YOUR Christmas or
wherever it must be,
celebrate with all you are
and praise Him joyously!
Life may get in the way sometimes,
but let it hinder not
the Truth and Joy of Jesus Christ
and the fulness He has got!

Yes, life gives and takes, but let it not affect the Joy and Wonder that Christmas is: JESUS CHRIST!  He is worthy of all adoration and praise as we go through the days that are!

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