Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christmas Surprise

God is so good!  He opens doors that no man can open, and He arranges 'things' that man calls 'impossible!'  Such happened today.  We met relatives that we have not seen in almost 40 years years...and they only live 30 minutes from us!!

There's One alone Who can arrange
what man fathom not!
'His ways are not our ways' they say,
and no limit has He got!
He brings together families
who've drifted far away,
and times to have with moments such,
but they will last for aye!

Do YOU face the impossible?
You think it's 'too far gone?'
BUT GOD, He's always keeping track,
so, in hope, carry on!
NEVER is it too late to find
or fix relationship;
all you need is hope, desire,
and that unfailing grip!

No, don't ever give up.  God doesn't!  And He is The One Who can bring it about! He did today and, though painful is the event that brought us together, beautiful are the results!

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