Friday, December 18, 2020

Celebrate First!

Rising up.  Cold December morning.  A full day ahead--filled with people who all want everything their way.  Isn't THAT something to look forward to?!  Oh, but I know how to start before that begins...

Celebrate Jesus!  He is worthy!
King above all kings!
His reign--it has no measurement
as every angel sings!
His value so transcends all issues
anywhere this day!
To one and all, He yet remains

"'Tis the season," so they say,
but all day long, each day,
His glory and His majesty
are truly on display!
And the love, His perfect love
for everyone around
so fills each moment we go through,
as grace and peace abound!

Celebrate, ye people!  Fete Him 
with all love and praise!
He is the ONLY Answer to
these complicated days!
The Truth, the Life, the Way so comes
in ways we understand;
adorn Him with all adoration
all across the land!

Yes, CELEBRATE JESUS!  Even if celebrating is the last thing you FEEL like doing, do it anyway!  For He is worthy of it, and you will be the better for it!  After all, celebrating Him shall we be throughout eternity.  Why not start now?

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