Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Call to Worship!

Surely, this time of year is a time to gather and connect with family and friends.  There is, however, a much greater purpose to 'Christmas!'  Are YOU aware of it?

O come!  O come, ye faithful!
Commemorate His birth!
Set aside a time with Him
Who establishes our worth!
Celebrate!  Acknowledge Him!
Ensure that time beyond price!
O give to Him Who gives His all--
The ultimate sacrifice!

Yes come, oh come and gift Him with
your time...your life...your love!
HE IS CHRISTMAS!  More than season--
Hope and Peace and Love!
Eternal be the same will He
in Paradise above!
That Place that's filled with that which we
have yet no concept of!

Yes, come...while He is yet availed,
and sing all glory ye!
Set aside all schedule so that
you may clearly see 
the wonder and the Truth of Christmas--
that not of this place!
It's found alone in Jesus Christ--
epitome of grace!!

Yes, freely come to Jesus Christ--Life Alive!  He is so availed unto all...for now!  The Day is coming when such an amazing offer will no longer be.  However, right now He freely accepts one and all who call His Holy Name!  Let nothing stop you!  For He is MORE than 'season!'  HE IS LIFE!!


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