Monday, November 16, 2020

Wonderful Time?

'It's the most wonderful time of the year.' 
At least it is supposed to be!  But look at what we have made it to be!!  'God, help us!'

"O lessen the intensity
that we may know Your peace!
I know that, as we let things go,
Your blessings will increase!
The way we treat each other, Lord,
the attitudes and tone,
we need The Spirit to keep in check
lest we make You to groan!

Yea, so 'indifferent' be the life
here in the latter day
with everybody to insist
on having things 'their way!'
But if we could just 'get along'
and cooperate,
imagine how much could get done
minus all stress and hate!

Apart from the intensity:
a 'peace that passes all,'
to stabilize and redirect,
that we may hear Your call!
Above the noise...above the tumult
there is perfect peace.
It comes from knowing You alone--
the greatest of release!"

In the world...but not OF the world.  It IS possible as we calm down, put one another first, and focus on the 'good' that we can do IN HIM as we simply go about our day.


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