Wednesday, November 4, 2020

What 'Urgency?'

So seems to be the cry of the world that we live in!  But such an 'attitude' is not what God desires at all!  For He designed this day and this world to be enjoyed!  NOW look at what we've done!!

Where time--it is no longer, 
there is a perfect song!
Voices without number sing
as Father walks along!
He's checking in with everyone
from all of time eterne,
showing me a principle
that I, so slowly, learn:
THIS world I'm in has deadlines, people
want it yesterday!
But in the Place He walks me through
it's opposite such way!
There, everyone's aware that He
takes care of and provides;
therefore, no stress develops and
no 'issue' e'er divides!

O where time, it is no longer, I
so very long to be!
But there are things that must be done
before eternity!
I'll do them with an urgency
that hinges not on 'stress;'
doing so will see them through
and, for such, He will bless!

Yes, He will truly bless them that embrace His purposes and plans and adapt to HIS timing.  Somehow, life always turns out for the better when we do such.  Can YOU handle that?


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