Monday, November 9, 2020

The Heart is the Source

"It's only words..."  I've heard that before.  You've heard that before.  But those 'words' hurt, and they have a source, or else they would not be spoken.  May each of us be careful to guard our hearts and fill them with God's Word, lest those other words become action and cause even more damage and hurt!

Once more, 'integrity' to focus
under microscope.
It seems, in every facet of life,
there's something new to cope!
From work affairs that escalate
down to your home's four walls,
issues go on constantly
on which 'character' calls!
And there are 'eyes' upon each task
you set your hand to do.
Away from life, what are the words
that will be said of you?
What 'reputation' or 'example'
will YOU leave on 'living?'
Will it cause a smile to form,
or will 'strife' your giving?
The very same will have effect
upon your life right now!
Attempt to make this life a better
place to be somehow.

Too much stress have we beheld
in living as of late;
and them so generating such--
have they so sealed their fate?
But EVERY person has a choice
of how to face the day!
See to it that 'integrity'
would guide your every way!

So much stress and discord has been this year.  So much of it yet continues on, and is being vowed to continue.  BUT THAT IS A 'CHOICE!'  We CAN choose better!  And I know THE God Who has 'better' to offer!


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