Monday, November 2, 2020

'The Everyday'

Yes, 'the everyday.'  That is what most would settle for.  But YOU are not 'the most.'  YOU are called, set apart and designed for better!

The 'everyday'  that we have come to know...
the 'normalcy' to which most people go...
the 'safety' we have come to so adore...
That which He's set aside for His Own
is too wonderful, in THIS life, to be known!
It spurs us each to press on in the fray
that seems to have become 'the everyday!'
And He gives glimpses of the glory to us each
if we press on, toward the prize, to reach!
It may be the whisper in the gentle breeze...
it may be the calming, slow dance of the trees...
it could be His very Presence but of course...
it may be a fitting word come from a source...
it could be the sight of stately mountain range...
it could even be something absolutely strange!
It could be a welcome voice by telephone...
ANYTHING assuring us 'we're not alone!'
And it's certainly that which none of us has seen:
that Heaven, when ALL is perfect and serene!

So that 'everyday' that we have come to know,
DO NOT accept as 'permanent' and let go!
Press on, press on with eyes upon the prize
KNOWING He is with you as you strategize!
And He WILL escort you each step along the way,
until The Trumpet Blast upon That Day!
Then we will understand what every day is for
as we reside with Him in Paradise evermore!!

Whatever the world is doing, press on!  Continue doing that which JESUS leads you to do!  For therein lies the ONLY assurance THIS life has to offer!


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