Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Days of Late

The best of times...the worst of times.  Seems like both tend to bring out the best and the worst in us.  However, if you are aware, you will realize that there is more GOOD going on and happening through these days than anyone cares to "report" about.  Just look around...

Back into the midst of life--
the frantic and the fray,
sent to represent the Truth,
the Life, the only Way!
So necessary be the Gift
that we contain inside.
Of what use be that Living Gift
if we just 'go and hide?!'
Yea, it be a dangerous place
out into which we go,
but the Maker of that place,
so personally, we know!
And we go out with His protection
with us everywhere--
wherever we are called each day,
we know He will be there!
Go forth boldly, therefore,
wherever you be called
KNOWING, if it be NOT His will,
your plan, it will be stalled.
For He knows His own.  He loves them and
protects at every hand.
Present His love and saving grace,
that victory may stand!!

Yes, go forth.  There is a lost, scared and dying world out there in need of Life!  Take every precaution that is necessary, but don't stop!  LIFE NEEDS YOU!

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