Wednesday, November 25, 2020


So much to be thankful for.  Regardless what this year has brought into or through our lives, God is still in control, and He continues to bless us abundantly!

"WHAT A YEAR!" I hear so many
cry out with each day.
A different year it's surely been
no matter what they say!
But here we are.  Most of us
have made it to this day--
a time for giving thanks aloud,
and praises Heaven-way!
Yes, so much to be grateful for-
I ponder on this eve.
A fresh, new batch of blessings
every morning I receive!
And even all throughout the day
as time would go along,
there is cause to never never cease
that deep and wondrous song!

Though many are the issues that
affect all of our living,
they be outnumbered by the blessings!
Therefore, keep on giving!
I promise, that which you dispense
our God will sure replace!
Replace so with abundance from
His never-ending grace!!

So thankful.  Even though we've gone through so much...even though we may lack something...even though we may be perfectly fine...BE THANKFUL!  For even as we approach the end of 2020, GOD IS STILL GOOD!

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