Monday, November 16, 2020

Proper perspective

Time marches on. In spite of these 'moments' that we go through that seem to be 'frozen in time,' they're not. The prophet wrote "There is nothing new under the sun." The older we get, the more truth we find in his words and in HIS Word!

A month from now we celebrate
the birthday of our King!
So worthy, all creation takes note
of this 'happening!'
A time of joy...a time of peace...
a time of exaltation...
and greater so to them that know
a personal relation!

The 'world,' though, would take this time
and fill it with all stress!
This time of awe and wonder God
intends to fully bless!
'Life' develops timelines false
to get us in a hurry,
the end result becoming 'stress'
with 'attitude' and 'worry!'
Refute the workings of the world!
Behold the awe of Christ!
Remake the 'task' of 'buying gifts'
to be a time more nice!
ENJOY the time God grants us each,
include Him in the same;
refuse to let the 'commercial' world,
your glory time, to claim!

TIME with family...TIME with friends
to worship, laugh and share;
the very 'gifting' of yourself--
the greatest gift to bear!

Yes, too often have I seen over the years by too many I know make the next six weeks a literal 'hell' on themselves by trying to please everyone! This year, may we do our best to merely be here for one another, be available and be keen to each other's hearts. Would that not please the Lord even more?

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