Thursday, November 19, 2020

Priceless Time!

There is so much to get done today.  Is it just me, or does it seem that with each day that passes there be more and more to do?  There is only ONE way to deal with this!

So necessary to escape,
(if only for awhile,)
the issues come from everywhere--
how rapidly they pile!
I know I must engage in them
later on today,
but, for right now, precedence
and time go Heaven-way!
And stress, conflict and controversy
disappear for now,
as I commune with Christ the Lord--
the Sealer of my vow!
He walks with me along the way,
matching my own pace;
it is a necessary time
in the daily race!
And the words that flow out of His heart
empower, heal and bless...
the words that flow out of His eyes
eliminate all stress...
and the time we spend prepare me
for the day ahead
regardless what will rise or fall--
for such as this He bled!

So glorious, the morning...
so beautiful, this time!
And making sure it starts with Jesus
makes the whole day rhyme!

The older we get...excuse me, the 'farther along' we get in this life, there are more and more things to complicate it...IF we allow them to!  There is one simple step to avoid such: TIME IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD!  Whatever time of day your 'morning' is, start it with time with Jesus.  Such to assure victory and help you retain sanity.

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